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Jacky Wong , with more than two decades in the furniture business experience, is one of the few all-rounded Chinese designers. His sophisticated experiences equip him with all aspects of knowledge from R&D to product design , sourcing to manufacturing, marketing plan to retail management, which enable his designs to be innovative, yet pragmatic; unique, yet profitable .

From the age of seventeen, design and craftsmanship came naturally to him. Trained from the ground up in the family furniture business established for more than half a century, he began as an assistant and fought his way up to directing projects. Early professional recognition led to his work as a designer to collaborate with numerous leading dining groups in Hong Kong.

Keenly aware of the need for an integrated education for a designer going into business, he focuses not only on design but also takes on challenges from the commercial industry. In early 2000, Jacky further enriched himself with an MBA degree in Australia. Since then he was engaged in multi country exporting business to around the world for international experiences and reputations. He travelled frequently around Europe, learning new skills along the way.

He joined one of the leading furniture companies in China and played a managerial role in steering the export team and rebranding the company at international exhibitions, forging it to be the leading brand and trading with leading international customers.

In 2016, Jacky had founded his own consulting firm and developed his own design with the sole aim to provide the best to his customers. His passion, experience and creativity make him one of the shining designers in recent years.

Jacky strongly believes that combining his creativity with the commercial experiences throughout his career would get him closer to the customers.

"Best is only the beginning to standard of perfection" 

Jacky Wong 2017

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